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U.S. History and Government, Second Edition

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To provide students taking the 11th-grade New York State course in U.S. history and government and the Regents examination, as well as others taking a similar course, with a concise and comprehensive text. 

    Text features include:
  • introduction to U.S. geography with an emphasis on how geography has shaped the American experience
  • summary of the founding, principles, and operations of the U.S. government . lucid historical narrative
  • emphasis on the modern period
  • primary source readings in every chapter
  • emphasis on the experiences and contributions of women and minorities
  • mid-chapter “in Review” features
  • end-of-chapter exercises: multiple-choice, thematic-essay, and document-based questions
  • more maps, charts, and tables
  • expanded coverage of U.S. Supreme Court landmark cases
  • “The American People: Changes at the Millennium” - a demographic feature in the last chapter
  • appendix: annotated Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.
  • Teacher’s Manual With Answers has guidelines for class presentation of each chapter, answer key, Student’s Study Guide.
  • Hardbound

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